UNIT 2 Discussion Topic 4: Art21


Artists from New York, USA
Daniel Gordon, Brooklyn
Eddie Martinez, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Marcel Dzama, NY
Jack Whitten, NY
Mary Mattingly, NY
Josephine Havorson, NY

Who surprised you the most?

josephine%20havorson%20abstractJosephine Havorson. Instead of sitting inside the cosiness of a studio she goes around the towns and city picking her muse; painting Plein Air. Her subjects are unobtrusive ordinary objects from graffiti to rusted tools and old battered doors and windows. There is no beauty in the objects itself or anything of much interest either, but she chooses to paint them as they are with no ostentatious effort to make them beautiful or appear aesthetically appealing. Her subjects are just as they are, without making overt statement or drawing a response from the onlooker.

mary%20mattingly%20abstract%20from%20trashMary Mattingly too surprised me. Mattingly’s work is hard-hitting, soul-jerking work of Art. She has a statement to make; a wake-up call for all humanity and for doing that she has over-hauled her entire lifestyle for producing and displaying her artwork even going against legal laws and boundaries.

Which artist was most concerned with the process of making the work?

Daniel Gordon and Mary Mattingly.

daniel%20gordon%20abstractDaniel Gordon work of art was produced crafting and fashioning each detail or object using multiple materials and media. His style is innovative and representational of how the production of art has evolved in recent times; technology and traditional media are used to produced single piece of art. Perhaps the final product is really a two dimensional piece on paper but the making process involved is complex and with multiple steps.

Which artist was most concerned with creativity in the idea for their art or the work itself?

marcel%20dzama%20illustrative%20abstract Marcel Dzama work involves no elaborate production or materials, with simple paper and water colour he produces his ideas spontaneously albeit with a little precision.

Which artist was most concerned with materials?

Jack Whitten seems most concerned with materials. The very paint he used for his artwork is re-made into paint-tiles, instead of paint brush or pencils he used needles to apply paint-tiles on board or canvas sticking them with glue. Each tile is applied on canvas with precision according to his color and light it reflects.