Unit 2 Essay

Write an essay (500 to 1,000 words) in which you assert and defend your opinion on the topic for this unit:

"How does my selected activity or characteristic affect success in an Internet-based college course?"

Use the prewriting techniques we reviewed in Unit 1 to develop a thesis for your paper and identify supporting reasons and evidence for your argument. Try to develop a rough outline that you can flesh out to create a first draft. When you have completed your first draft, use the questions in the Toulmin method to evaluate your argument. Then, revise your essay as needed to reflect the results of your analysis.

Reading aloud to yourself can help you finalize your work when you do not have someone else to edit or grade it for you. As you read, jot notes about anything that does not seem to fit logically or that sounds incorrect to you.

One of the important issues for online courses is time management.

Time Management

  1. Make the course a priority.
  2. Make a study plan.
  3. No distractions.

Approximately 65 percent of college students have taken an online course. Benefits to online learning include flexibility and practicing 21st-century skills, but some issues can impede effective online learning. One of the biggest issues that impacts online learners is poor time management. Lack of a schedule, too many distractions and multitasking can lead to poor time management. Another factor that may lead to poor time management is the lack of a designated work space.
A lack of a schedule can lead to poor time management in online learning. When students are enrolled in face-to-face classes, the instructor sets a predetermined schedule. Many online courses are set up with a great deal of flexibility. There may be due dates built into the course, but the student will need to set his own schedule for completing course work.
Flexibility – while one of the greatest benefits of online learning – can create issues for students who have trouble maintaining a schedule. Students need to find a way to balance the flexibility of online learning with a disciplined schedule to be successful online learners.
Because online learners use their computers and the Internet to participate in online learning, they may be tempted with distractions. A student working on a challenging assignment may find herself surfing the Web, checking social networking sites or catching the latest viral video online. One way students can combat these distractions and more effectively manage their time is to set aside breaks in between periods of work. This will allow the online learner to focus on school tasks knowing that she can check social networking sites when she completes her work.

We can’t stop or control time. But, if you want to take control of your online learning and make the best of it, you need to learn how to properly manage the time you have. Time management is something that every student can and should learn; it’s not just for those who are naturally gifted at planning and arranging. Take the simple step of utilizing your commuting time to start on your way to learning time management skills as soon as possible.


Internet is a thing you can connect Network every easy if you know to use and utility in this object.

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At age fifty-five, after receiving several promotional emails from Thomas Edison State University, I made a decision to stop binge watching Netflix and do something more productive with my life. Getting my bachelors degree has always been in the back of my mind but I thought that window of opportunity had closed for me since I hadn’t been to college in twenty-five years. But, I took a chance and applied to TESU, had my transcripts sent and waited to see if they would accept any of my credits. Much to my very happy surprise, TESU was able to give me credit for all the credits I had earned going back to 1982! With a husband, two daughters in college, a dog, a home, and a full-time job I knew that good time management would be my biggest challenge and the most important thing I would need to be successful with my internet-based courses.

Right out of the gate, I realized what a challenge it would be. It is so easy to become distracted and fall behind with my studies. Especially at my age, after a long day at work, it’s so tempting to just lay down on the couch and zone out to Netflix. Old habits die hard! I found myself still spending too much time watching TV. I was going to have to manage my time better if I was going to pass this course.

After doing some research, I found out that planning is essential. A good practice is to set aside some time every week to plan the week’s priorities. Then take some time every day to create a daily list of things you want to get done based on your weekly goals. I found a planner book worked better for me than a calendar on my phone. Being able to list out my priorities and action plan is very motivating.

Be realistic; don’t overbook yourself. When I’m overwhelmed with too much to do, I tend to do nothing. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, break large projects or goals into smaller projects or short-term goals. Make it your goal to get at least one important thing done every day and carry over anything you didn’t get done today to tomorrow. If the mountain is too high to climb today, climb a hill instead. When setting goals always be aware of what, why and how. The “what” is the end result, they why is your reason and the how are the steps you will take to get there. Keeping, this in mind will help you stay motivated to stay the course.

Consider ways that your time is being wasted. But make sure you schedule down time to relax and enjoy yourself. This will help you actually relax rather than feel guilty for sitting around doing nothing. It has a purpose which is to allow your battery to recharge.

Getting an internet-based college degree will be a challenge. Many will give up. But if you’re able to manage your time successfully, you will achieve your goal of getting your degree. There will be times that your plans all fall apart, but day by day, if you plan properly and plan for your priorities you will cross the finish line with your diploma in hand.


It is the year 2020, and much of the world is gripped with a worldwide pandemic which has forced shutdowns, quarantines, and limited capacity in enclosed spaces. For students in the USA, most are almost forced to adapt into an online learning environment and must do so fast. Covid-19 took the world by storm, and therefore before a student can succeed in an online course, the student should plan and assess if online schooling is truly for them. (Claim)

As a 45-year old, full-time employee, single parent with children also doing remote learning, the decision to go back to school was not so much a matter of if or should, but rather when. A childhood goal of mine had always been to obtain, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree before I turned 24. Yet here I am more than 20 years later, all because of a burning determination to accomplish that goal of getting that degree! So, whether you are one of the millions of students who have no choice but to go with an online route, are on a hybrid online-classroom schedule, or working on obtaining a lifelong dream, the following tips may be helpful to be successful in the online learning environment. ( Grounds)

Although a large number of people have attended “webinars” for work, attending a 2 hour-webinar is entirely different from spending four to six hours a day in an online class where you are pretty much on your own. Sitting through reading, writing, and more reading and writing almost every day is both boring and exhausting. Minds can wander. It would be more fun to just put on a Netflix show or do some shopping on Amazon Prime, instead of countless hours reading on a screen. But to be able to succeed, one must have the discipline and focus of treating online school with an end goal in mind, whether it be to earn an undergraduate degree, learn new skills, or just to be more sought after in the professional world. ( Qualifier)

As part of the planning process, one should assess if they will have the time and willpower to actually do the work. Read the material, do the assignments, and above all, do not cheat by plagiarism or having someone else do the work. Cheating will not help in the long run, and can get one into big trouble if applied in a workplace environment. Realize that assignments get more and more difficult as the weeks progress, and the work usually builds on themselves, so it is not advisable to cut corners. ( Warrant and Qualifier)

A student has to also consider the equipment needed for online learning. The main equipment needed is some kind of computer (desktop, laptop, tablet). A phone can likely do, however, a phone might be too small for constant reading and note-taking and therefore, not advisable to do studies on. The computer should meet the school’s software versions required in order to access content properly. A steady source of internet connection or wi-fi will also be required as this would be the only way to access the lessons online. Other basic software for writing, creating spreadsheets or graphics may also be needed, such as Microsoft Office suite. Lastly, it is best to have a comfortable, dedicated workplace for studying, such as a desk and chair, a dining table, or even a couch or bed where one can focus and not get easily distracted. (Qualifier)

Once the student makes the pact to themselves to be disciplined, the student can stay organized by setting aside time and blocking out a schedule in a calendar for school. Any calendar will do, whether it is on a phone, a desk, a mini pocketbook, or a giant calendar hanging on the wall. By doing so, one treats school time as an “appointment”. Just as it is very important to be on time to these appointments, it is just as important to note that spending too much on time on studies only can impair one’s health. Constantly overworking oneself with studies can lead to stress, frustration, burnout, or health deterioration. ( Warrant & Qualifier)

Most schools will likely have some type of mentor, tutor, or group forums where students can connect with others. It is advisable to make use of these resources as much as possible by

posting on the discussion boards and giving feedback to fellow students as they will also likely give their feedback on you. If these resources are not to one’s liking, a student should seek out emotional support from family, friends, peers or colleagues, as there will be moments of doubts, stress, frustration, laziness, excuses, procrastination, or even just plain “blanking out”. (Qualifier)

Succeeding in today’s online learning environment can no doubt be a challenge. There are those who prefer, and need, the physical interaction with fellow students and instructors for a better engaged learning experience. However, remote learning can also be a flexible choice for those that have jobs, children, families, and life in general, to attend to. The key is to maintain a balance in life and realize that the journey is not limited to being alone. Proper planning, determination, organization, focus and executing on those plans can help ensure a successful remote learning environment. (Rebuttal)