Unit 3 Essay

Write an essay (750 to 1,000 words) that analyzes “Hetch Hetchy Valley, The Yosemite” by John Muir.

You might include your responses to the following in your essay:

  • Why do you think Muir wrote this book?
  • For what audience did he intend his work?
  • What is Muir’s tone?
  • How does that tone affect your interpretation of his work?
  • Are his points relevant to both written and spoken English?
  • How do you think the social mores of Muir’s era affected the way he chose to make his point?
  • Do you think this viewpoint is relevant today?

Feel free to search the Internet to learn more about John Muir’s life and work, and some of the social conventions he discusses, to respond more thoroughly to these questions. Use the editorial process we discussed regarding prewriting and academic writing as you write your essay. Remember to incorporate focus, cohesion, and style to make your writing more effective to your audience.

After you have completed your first draft, use the Toulmin method to evaluate your argument (claim, grounds, warrant, qualifier, and rebuttal). Revise your essay as needed. After you have completed your second draft, read your essay aloud to someone else. Revise and edit your work to address any relevant suggestions and questions. As always, remember to properly cite the authors or copyright holders of any material you reference or paraphrase. It can be especially useful to read your work aloud, to yourself or to a friend. As you read, pay attention to anything that seems illogical or sounds incorrect.

At first reading this paper on Hetch Hetchy Valley, The Yosemite by John Muir referenced his thoughts and feelings of the Yosemite mountains a he describes it and compares it to other Yosemite mountain sites that are just as beautiful. I can definitely agree to hi passion for the Yosemite mountain and its beauty a I went camping there and loved it even with animals being there. I did not understand the controversy of his writing until nearly the end of the passage and conducting some research for Mr Muir to write this book.

Muir tried to appeal to the people as well as legislation Secretary of San Francisco not to desecrate the Yosemite mountain by providing drinking water to SF citizens because of its purity is understandable to a certain point but after 1904 earthquake the town was in devastation.

The controversy over damming Hetch Hetchy Valley, a portion of Yosemite National Park, to provide water to San Francisco pitted leaders of the new conservation movement – and competing definitions of conservation – against each other” (The Hetch Hetchy Dam Controversy: An Introduction). Back in the 1920s, from the preservation and conservation aspect, John Muir, the founder of the Sierra Club and the man who Theodore Roosevelt dedicated Muir Woods to just to the north of San Francisco looked to protect Hetch Hetchy Valley from human exploitation at all costs. Gifford Pinchot, founder of the National Forest Service and close advisor to Theodore Roosevelt believed in “the greatest good for the most people.”

Leading the preservation of the dam, John Muir discovered the Hetch Hetchy valley in 1871 and become very attached to everything about Hetch Hetchy Valley. Then in 1890, Hetch Hetchy Valley was dedicated as a part of the land set aside as Yosemite National Park. Few people ever saw Hetch Hetchy because you had to hike deep into the park and there were no trails. In addition, parts of the Hetch Hetchy Valley floor flooded as the snow melted. Therefore, it was this runoff water from the melting of the snow that the city of San Francisco wanted to use as a water supply, but this would mean building a dam and flooding the entire valley permanently. This became the question: “Should the United States preserve Hetch Hetchy or should it license the use of the water” Muir looked to preserve Hetch Hetchy Valley at all costs because he believed that Hetch Hetchy Valley was a sacred place.

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