Unit 4 Essay

Write an essay (1,000 to 1,300 words) in which you explain how online tools and social media affect Internet-based learning. Consider the claims you made in your other essays to determine how students in Internet-based programs can be successful. Do online tools and social media help or hinder an Internet-based college student? Think about how rhetorical strategies you’ve seen before can help you develop your argument. What audience are you writing to and what is your purpose?

Use the prewriting techniques you learned in Unit 1 to focus your topic and refine your thesis. Use research where necessary to bolster your argument and respond to any counterarguments. Be sure to cite and document your research in accordance with MLA style standards.

After you have completed your first draft, use the Toulmin method to evaluate your argument (claim, grounds, warrant, qualifier, and rebuttal). Revise your essay as needed. After you have completed your second draft, read your essay aloud to someone else. Revise and edit your work to address any relevant suggestions and questions. As always, remember to properly cite the authors or copyright holders of any material you reference or paraphrase. It can be especially useful to read your work aloud, to yourself or to a friend. As you read, pay attention to anything that seems illogical or sounds incorrect.

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