UNIT A Discussion Topic 2: Defining Art


“Art”-such a small word for defining such sublime a phenomenon. Art is so intricately woven in our beings that it is indeed inseparable, almost akin to breathing for us human beings. Yet, for the sake of understanding, and more for explaining it to others we can only attach its meaning to what we see and feel around us.
Taking this view in mind I can, again for the sake of reckoning, point that “art” is indeed beyond what we have so far expressed it as, especially in this discourse.
Art is uniquely human and tied directly to culture”, if there was nothing around us will we still express. Will a hermit living up on a desolate mountain not express himself through an unconscious whistling or fashioning a bowl out of a stone? Art is not really tied to anything, least of all Culture, we will express, because it is as fluid as the blood flows from an open wound.
“It gives voice to ideas and feelings, connects us to the past, reflects the present and anticipates the future,” art does all of this and more. Art also gives birth to new ideas and feelings, it sets a new thread to the current way of thinking, lends a hand in shaping new structures, possibilities and cultural norms.
“Visual art is a rich and complex subject whose definition is in flux as the culture around it changes,” ; defining art is like holding sand in our fist, the more we try to encompass its meaning, more its eludes us. We feverishly try to express our feelings, thoughts or even nothing at all- we express ourselves through art when we are sad, happy, dying, elating, exploring, or even when not thinking at all (just what we do when we are doodling!). Art needs no culture to define it, culture is defined through art.
Indeed,” …art is much more than a medium, or words on a page” Art is as old as our existence on this earth, because art came into being the moment we did. Art made it possible for us to define ourselves.