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Unit4 Disc 5: Objective Description Subjective Analysis


ch.12 Lotus Sutra
-Meandering, Organic, and Calligraphic Line suggest expressive, flowing and lyrical content.
-The use of positive and negative space in this paining projects what is seen and not.
-The tint and shading used gives 3D effect in different planes.
-Planes reveal the levels of or stages within the photo creating a sense of depth.
-Extreme short curled lines provides texture.
The overall gist of this piece urges me to delve deeper into worship, no matter where i am in life or physically where i am while assuring me how universal all is trying to arrive and be the best humble person they can be.

Pair of Egyptian Atef Crown Earrings
-Much texture due to the continuous outline enveloping the entire piece.
-Meandering lines exhibiting geometric lines create balance and symmetry.
-Mass is greatest displayed by the heavy weight towards the bottom of the earring, yet balancing on a smaller point.
-Colors are opposing, yet unified creating tension, but within a harmonious structure.
These gorgeously crafted earrings if ever get to own them or would own them give me a great feeling of organization, respect and being cared for.

This was a great assignment and unit to study. Saylor Academy rocks! Thank You.


I chose ‘Gouache’ and ‘Study of Isabel Rawsthorne,’ both by Francis Bacon.

The work is mostly composed of angular shapes
Perspective is skewed, where planes are obscure and difficult to distinguish from one another
Complementary colors are used, creating tension and 'pop’
A meandering, sinuous form is present

The work made me feel cluttered & disorganized

Study of Isabel Rawsthorne:
Work is composed of strictly sinuous lines and forms
Highly textured and brushstrokes visible
Dramatic - use of stark contrast in color and value

The subject seems stern, focused intently on something off frame.