Unit4 Disc 5: Objective Description Subjective Analysis


ch.12 Lotus Sutra
-Meandering, Organic, and Calligraphic Line suggest expressive, flowing and lyrical content.
-The use of positive and negative space in this paining projects what is seen and not.
-The tint and shading used gives 3D effect in different planes.
-Planes reveal the levels of or stages within the photo creating a sense of depth.
-Extreme short curled lines provides texture.
The overall gist of this piece urges me to delve deeper into worship, no matter where i am in life or physically where i am while assuring me how universal all is trying to arrive and be the best humble person they can be.

Pair of Egyptian Atef Crown Earrings
-Much texture due to the continuous outline enveloping the entire piece.
-Meandering lines exhibiting geometric lines create balance and symmetry.
-Mass is greatest displayed by the heavy weight towards the bottom of the earring, yet balancing on a smaller point.
-Colors are opposing, yet unified creating tension, but within a harmonious structure.
These gorgeously crafted earrings if ever get to own them or would own them give me a great feeling of organization, respect and being cared for.

This was a great assignment and unit to study. Saylor Academy rocks! Thank You.


I chose ‘Gouache’ and ‘Study of Isabel Rawsthorne,’ both by Francis Bacon.

The work is mostly composed of angular shapes
Perspective is skewed, where planes are obscure and difficult to distinguish from one another
Complementary colors are used, creating tension and 'pop’
A meandering, sinuous form is present

The work made me feel cluttered & disorganized

Study of Isabel Rawsthorne:
Work is composed of strictly sinuous lines and forms
Highly textured and brushstrokes visible
Dramatic - use of stark contrast in color and value

The subject seems stern, focused intently on something off frame.


THE UNIT 4, Artistic elements wrap-up, ‘Elements of Art’ Quiz has an error. Question 5
As per the academy server answer review:
The correct answer is: Perspective → Geometric pictorial construct using a single vanishing point to give the illusion of receding space on a two-dimensional surface., Monochrome → The use of variations of a single hue., Split compliment → A color scheme using three colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel., Triadic → Color scheme using three colors, two of which are on both sides of the first color’s complement on the color wheel., Equiluminance → Visual effect when two colors are next to each other and share the same intensity.

The definition of Split Complimentary and Tiadic Colors is Incorrect. Needs to be corrected in the server. Someone please take note.
The server marked my quiz answers as incorrect and gave me the above correction. But that is a factual error.


Two-dimensional artwork-“Green River Cliffs, Wyoming” by Thomas Moran


Objective analysis:
The use of organic and expressive lines allows the artist to define objects of the landscape drawing the viewer’s attention towards those objects. The bright colors towards the top of the image contrast with the darker colors towards the bottom of the image allowing for a cohesive look yet add vastness to the landscape. The use of space gives the viewer a feeling of the vastness of the landscape that Moran probably felt when he visited Wyoming. Moran uses various brushstrokes and color hues to portray texture to the various objects in the image making the work seem more life-like.

Subjective analysis:
Viewing this piece gives me a sense of just how superior and grand nature truly is and allows me to connect to the landscape without ever having visited Wyoming.

Three-dimensional artwork-“Tibetan Bone Armlet” by Artist Unknown

Objective analysis:
The lines in this work are connected in a very ornate manner which gives the viewer a sense of the importance these objects are to the artist and most likely to the culture in which it was created. The materials themselves, bone, wood, and coral beads, speak volumes about the nature of the piece and the significance it has in the culture. The colors are natural to the materials used, i.e., hues of white, coral, and tan, that allows the ornate designs to really be the focus of the piece. The details of the design give the viewer the literal meaning of the piece and its use.

Subjective analysis:
Without doing further research as to what the symbols carved on the bone actually mean, when looking at this piece I noticed that some of the designs had skulls or deathly images making me have an uncanny feeling that this piece could probably be something worn during a burial or sacrificing ceremony and that although it is strikingly beautiful it also has a haunting feeling to it as well.

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