University of the People


can I use the credits towards a degree (applying though) I am keen on doing a few proctored exams in the near future? will I be able to transfer these credits to a course at this university?


See this UofPeople page for information about getting credit for courses recommended by ACE.

We don’t have a list which courses will transfer and how, so an advisor at UofPeople will best be able to advise.

These links might be useful, too:


thank you for the reply. i will ask the advisor as soon as i have been enrolled into the course. i am just curious (ahead of time) as i want to study further and i found UoPeople affordable for me. as here in south africa most of the courses i would like to do is costly. one of them was course on hotel management that costs about R96,000 (R=south african rands) and i am currently unemployed :frowning:


Hi nadinelynch2600,
I have already transferred two courses, Principles of Microeconomics and Introduction to Political Science, to UoPeople.

According to UoPeople’s webpage, they accept ACE-recommended credits, so as long as you took the Direct Credit Final Exam of ACE-recommended course, you can probably transfer the courses.