Use of language

Think of an incident from your own experience in which the use of language led to some communication breakdown.Explain the incident to show how language use contribute to the breakdown you identified.In response make clear which aspect of language led to poor communication eg.pronunciation, vocabulary,syntax,semantics


The event happened at an electronic repairing shop. At the shop, there were three people; the trainer, the apprentice and me. While I was having a chat with the trainer, he told his apprentice to wash tv. Unfortunately, instead of washing tv, the apprentice watched. Amusing! This happened because the apprentice misheard watch for wash t.v.


The event happen in a our house. My brother climb in the coconut tree to pick a coconut then acidentally he pick a young one coconut, because he didn’t knock to know if its good before he pick.


i try to use english language at pharmacy when i get the covid vaccine…
hmm i think if i always try to speak,i hope my english get better…how about you guys?

I heard a friend calling me an Englishman due to the way I use grammar in my speech. I just laugh because the correct usage is grammarian

i tried to use english to talk with some strangers online so i can improve my english skills

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It was my first time reading in my church and I mistakenly took the wrong paper that I didn’t study. It was a chaos because I found it difficult pronouncing some of the words.

It happened in a very long time when I was a diving guide, try to talk to our guesses, but i said something with very different meaning, it made them completely confusing, i can remember that until now and always make me smile. The vocabulary always a problem for me at that time

I was walking and I saw few mens they asked me about the closet restaurant in the city and I couldn’t explain that well. I was using few German words in my conversation

With me, Communication breakdowns happen almost daily. I have a problem pronouncing words that have ‘th, d, t, and dh’ in the same sentence. I end of stammering and getting stuck but when I repeat the words at a slow speed I do well.

English is my first language, but there are three other languages I would like to learn. Spanish is one of the main languages I want to learn, but in doing so I realizes I get certain words mixed up for example, cerveza and cabeza, imagine having a headache in your cerveza. Lol.

I can communicate in English language but when someone asking me especially it happened for my interview I got nervous and thinking that my English grammar is not correct.