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View and share course grades [HC]

:information_source: This article will help you to view and share grades (marks) for your Saylor Academy courses.

Some students need to be able to share a course grade (mark) in addition to their certificate of completion. Although there is not a standard way to share grades with others, it is possible to take screenshots and, optionally, attach them to a course completion certificate page.

See below for how to view your grades on the website and the mobile app, and how to attache them as evidence items to your shareable certificate page.

How to find your course grade or grades and attach them to your certificate

Viewing Grades on the Website

Immediately following exam attempt

Immediately after completing a final exam, you will be brought to a review page, which shows this information near the top:

To take a screenshot that includes the course title, you might need to resize the browser window so that the course title aligns just above the exam data, like so:

It is possible to return later to the exam review screen from the Grades report (below).

Anytime after completing exam

At any time after completing an exam, if you are logged in to your account, you can click on your account name or avatar to access a general “Grades” report:

The Grades report will show a list of all courses you are enrolled in, and will show the highest final exam grade, if the exam has been attempted at least once. In the example below, we see that Jane Doe has scored 85% on her ESL001 final exam, which is reflected in the images above, too.

You can click on a course title to see a more granular, course-specific report. Grades for completed quizzes, etc. will appear. Nevertheless, the “Course total” grade is always equal to the highest grades obtained on the final exam.

Clicking on the exam link from the course-specific grades report will take you to the exam review page, as in the first two images above.

Viewing Grades in the Mobile App

The options for viewing course grades are similar to those above, but the navigation is different.

In the mobile app, you would choose the bar chart icon at the bottom of any page in the app to bring up the “Grades” view. As when using the website, you can then click through to see more specific grades for a course.

Adding Evidence Items to a Certificate

You can add evidence items – arbitrary links and files – to your online certificate page.

When viewing your certificate as an authenticated user, you will see an option near the bottom of the page to “Add Evidence”:

Clicking on that item will bring up the the following page dialog, in which you can either add a file OR a URL, and then compose a description:

The result will look like this to anyone viewing your public certificate page:

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