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View your certificate wallet and transcript [HC]

:information_source: This article will help you to view all of your certificates in one place (your “wallet”) and access an informal, printable transcript.

For many purposes, it is useful to be able to view all of your Saylor Academy certificates at one link. Your certificate wallet meets this need. Through your wallet, you can also access an informal course transcript.

Good to know

  • Your wallet is only available if you have earned at least one certificate.
  • Your wallet is provided via our certificate issuing partner, Accredible.
  • You can share your wallet by link. This makes the wallet useful to include on a profile, C.V., or resume. Note that certificates set as “private” will not appear.
  • Your wallet/transcript includes only courses for which you have earned a certificate. Courses you have enrolled in, but not completed, will not be shown.

How to access your certificate wallet and informal transcript via Accredible

  1. Visit one of your certificates. The easiest way to do that might to follow a certificate link from your Saylor Academy account dashboard.

  2. Click the link that reads “My Credentials”.

  3. This is your default wallet view. You can share the URL of this webpage to let someone view all of your certificates in one place.

  4. Click the link that reads “Transcript” for an alternative view.

  5. Rather than thumbnails of your certificates, you will see course titles. You can click the “Print Transcript” button to create a hardcopy or digital file (e.g. PDF) of your transcript. Note that this is not an official transcript.

See an example

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Hi @sean :slight_smile:

Thanks and congratulations for this “View your certificate wallet and transcript” tutorial. It’s very helpful!

I noticed that you first published a somewhat similar article (“How to download your digital transcript”), a year ago (in the “Saylor Academy Help Center & FAQ” web site), that is available at the following link:

Thanks! Yes, we’ll be closing the older help center down soon, in favor of articles here in the forums, but one task awaiting a few hours of time is methodically swapping over links.

These guides have been a sort of unannounced experiment; we’ve been using them in replies to emails, primarily.

The goal is to have this help center category (organized into sub-categories) for relatively static guides/info, and the support category for more informal exchanges that might be useful to others (like questions about answers keys, etc.).

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Hi Sean,

How do I download a transcript that will have my grade. I need to send one to my school

Thank you

Kimberly Moore

Thank you

How can i download my transcript