WebQuest disscution

When you finish the webquest, answer the following questions and post your responses on the class discussion forum.

  1. What did I learn about mobile apps?

  2. How did my English improve by completing this webquest?

  3. What new words did I learn (use context clues or a dictionary to find the meaning of new words)?

my answer:
1 mobile apps are very important for the following reasons:
they provide information about topics that you need for you education as they provide more time unlike the traditional methods such as textbook, articles,etc.
Mobile apps are different from the desk apps that exist on computers such as laptops.

2 I learned new vocabulary considering technology by reading this webquest such as “mobile device” .
I learned different functions of mobile apps, for example they provide GPS information.

3 “mobile device” means a portable computing device such as a smartphone or tablet computer.

tale me about your answer.

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