What defines artistic skill and roles?

Continuing the discussion from ARTH101 Topic 3: Artistic Process:

Who makes art? Do you think artists have innate ability or acquired skill (or both)? How do artist’s
roles change with different cultural considerations?

I think we all make art while we may not considerate it that at the time. Children on the beach using a stick to draw forms and symbols, the barista that creates a heart in our coffee, the icing swirls on a cake. These are all art yet are not necessarily defined as such. I think that too often that the formal “artist” is given credit for and recognized as creating art when in reality we all have some innate ability that comes from within. We all want to personalize our world from the perspective with which we see it. For some of us, this ability is more pronounced and can be further developed to become more of what society recognizes as art. As for roles, cultural expectations and available mediums do change how we use and create art. The process of art can be utilitarian as a means of personal expression on useful items to the creation of expressionistic art that tells a story or defines a concept.

I believe that many people have that skills from childhood but there is always a space while growing up to expand their knowledge through practicing new techniques and from reading theory like we do here at Saylor.
Also there are many people that increasing their ‘talent’ by the effort they put to their work. Simply they get better results from those who don’t work at all, and this is logical .

Agreed on all points.

Artistic skill: We all have it. It’s a matter of being in the right generation/ era OR being bold enough to push an idea that is non existent, until it is recognised, eg, Salvador Dali and Picasso.

Roles: Art and the artist: This can differ, for me the role of art is psychological- it is there to bring order, sometimes discipline and serve as a reminder.
Bring order, sometimes discipline- to our thoughts and as a result our actions, which affects our decisions in our every day lives. It helps to drown out the noise and give us focus.
Reminder- of our self inflicted limitations, abilities and skills, talents, to motivate us to go further and not remain confined- sometimes we underestimate ourselves and when we look at a piece of art/work that we have created, we are minded of our heights emotions and thoughts at the time and how we doubted ourselves. But now as we look at that piece of art, we have a totally different opinion and perspective on it. So then we gain the confidence to explore further and dare to be bolder.