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Hi forums folks! I’m curious to know how we can make your forums experience good, better, or excellent.

A short poll is below. I especially welcome replies to this topic with ANY feedback or questions you have about using these forums, including what you think already works well.

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Poll: "I find it difficult or confusing to..." (choose up to 5) [poll type=multiple min=1 max=5]
  • find the topic I am looking for
  • reply to an existing topic
  • reply to a specific person or specific people
  • mention a person in my reply
  • quote someone in my reply
  • post my new topic
  • navigate the forums
  • use the categories
  • change my profile or preferences
  • something else (share below!)
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Hello Sean,

This is my opinion based on the matter at hand! I would rank the forums ‘Very Good’ if i were to be surveyed. In fact, to me, everything works as the school planned and no other editions are necessary in the meantime.

But i was a little concerned with students who study Mathematics here. I have been studying mathematics for some months now and i often encounter problems which need agent attention. I think of posting them here for assistance but i get afraid it may take long before someone adept in the topic replies to me.

Anyway that is just a small issue but again Math is an interesting subject which require a bit of more interactions, than it happens here, and this radically leads me to request for a chat room exclusively for Math students or for the whole school.

That is my humble contribution to the topic. I respect the staff and students onboard and i welcome replies to my entry. Thank you.


Hello, I’m new. Yes, I’m still looking and learning. Everything seems to be so far so good though. :grinning:


Thank you for your feedback and welcome to Saylor Academy.