What does it takes to succeed in an Internet based college course

When taking into account how voluminous the internet is when it comes to learning what every human considered education following the discipline if an internet-based college course takes more discipline that just logging into a classroom setting and talking about the days’ work. You are multitasking on a greater level than you would understand being in a physical setting for education. You have to manage your time correctly to be able to log into a classroom at a specified location, you have to make sure your internet service provider is reliable and you won’t experience any or too many outages.

Students become academically uplifted by internet college-based courses because that is the nature of education at that level of academia. The demands placed on students by these Massive Open Online Courses are worthwhile in opening minds to different levels of learning in every subject. This allows for more choices than the traditional campus atmosphere already established. You get to meet people from all over the world who are taking similar or the exact same course and this creates a connection. Your faculty will also be from across the globe and therefore diverse in their own views.

Internet-based college courses require a degree of patience as your technology is put at the forefront of everything you do. The right requirements for a computer, internet provider and internet speed are essential if you are doing special projects and presentations. The correct software and ideal computer settings also enhance or detracts from your experience as you are viewing, maybe video chatting or needing a microphone to converse. Get the basic equipment required for the class without busting your budget and plan to use the devices at least once or twice before setting up in the online class environment. Test out your headset and microphone by using the volume settings on the computer. Your camera may require a software program to install to gain access to your computer video card.

Connect with instructors as soon as possible. Gain an understanding of your instructor and the type of work ethics she/he decides. Staying in contact is important to getting your work assignments correctly graded and getting the feedback you require to change your writing style. The instructor can help only so much as their regular office hours or online hours allow so get used to seeking help from other students and sources as well. Your fellow online classmates can avidly help by offering feedback and critique as necessary to get better and better grades.

In so much as stating that internet-based college courses are fun, easy and often well worth the extra effort, it is also worthy to note that internet-based college courses are making huge strides. I state this reason because I know, I am taking one. I have devoted my time into the idea of learning without the presence of a campus-based atmosphere but still enjoy seeing my grades and the feedback I receive online from students all over the world. Internet-based college courses are ideal for all facets of life and benefit those who are moving with technology into a future of vast internet-based connections. The library is open all of the time, you can email facility and receive a reply in the same time as their office hours and you can get feedback from any student enrolled in the course, near or far. This is what it means to succeed in an internet-based college course.

i like your post, may i ask what are you studying and where? (which university)

I am studying to be a freelance writer, and I want to brush up on my writing structure. No particular major, just writing, and thank you

that’s cool. i hope you are finding Saylor academy useful?
i am self-studying in computer science as that my major i want to pursue next year hopefully

It is VERY useful, I plan to travel write in the very near future. Thanks for your feedback

i wish you the best of luck and study hard lol

Awww, thank you. You as well, if you need a study buddy or any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

thank you :slight_smile: i will definitely pop by to your message box in the future as well, but for now i am fine to study with myself