Where to use adjective

Where we describe a noun example bright red big large small or pretty
He wore a green T-shirt
He has a large plate


She has a beautiful hair

She has a large house

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adjective is used to describe a noun

تستخدم الصفه لوصف الاسم

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I really accept your Idea,adjective is used to describe a noun

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Adjective gives more information about nouns and pronouns. For example, fantastic, awesome, comfy, ridiculous, memorable, good, and nice.
Eg; This movie is ridiculous!
She is good at swimming.
Your presentation is fantastic!

He has a beautiful car

adjective is a descrbing word. we use it to describe the noun
she is pretty.

Un adjetivo se usa al referirse al describir un objeto.

An adjective describes a noun or pronoun. Or it gives extra or further information about a noun or pronoun.
e.g.Bob is a good doctor (good)
So in above examples good is an adjective that describes Bob which is a noun

We use adjectives before nouns
e.g: a black horse

Adjectives are used to describe a noun
Example… she has green eyes

the adjective used to describe a noun

Adjective used to describe the noun

he has a large plate

We use adjectives to describes a noun

It is used to describes a noun or pronoun.
Examples are:
Geraldine is an intelligent girl in our class.
Grandma gave me a beautiful dress.
He has a new car.

To describe a noun.