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Which political system can make the people more powerful?

To make the people powerful as this prevents government of being dictator, and making world the place where there are not violence,war,and oppression, we need a system which in there is not opportunity for the government to use the power to any way which they seems one of the good system which in the people have power to limite the government’s activity, as i think Democratic system have been successfuly acted for this purpose.

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Democracy is the only system that make selected leaders to be accountable to their masses. In democracy,the power of supremacy lies with people who made the power upon which the leadership is exercising. The exercise of unlegitimate power against the will of people cant be accept and its if exercised by any individuals ,it becomes undemocratic and can lead to the wrong use of power.
Power acquared against the wish of the people can’t be accepted since such Government will not be answerable to the masses and can follow their own weams which can against the wish of the voters. The people can as well revolt against the exercise of such power . Finally war is inevitable as an end result.


As Winston Churchill said:

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Even though It doesn’t feel sometimes fair, democratic leadership is the fairest one we had so far. It is an act of allowing everyone to participate in decision making, which sometimes it’s not the best decision but at least everyone is involved.
Capitalism on paper sounds fair to some but history shows us that its autocratic leadership can only bring chaos.


90% of the countries in present day are using democracy based rule where people own the power to decide their leaders and even can control how the leaders behave.


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