Why can't I get my certificate?

I have taken “PRDV003: WORD PROCESSING USING MICROSOFT WORD” and this is my grade 8.67 / 10.00. Now when I’m pressing this button"accredible certificate badges", I am still not receiving my certificate. I was working hard to get this certificate

I think maybe we’ve already spoken elsewhere, but I want to reply here also, to help others who might see this post.

Because of some behind-the-scenes software issues, recent certificates haven’t been issued automatically. We’re working to fix the issue and will be able to send out the backlog of certificates as soon as everything is back to normal. We have records of everyone who has passed a course, so nobody’s hard work will be lost.

If anybody needs their certificate right away, please send us a message.

Thanks @razmik for raising the issue here!


Now I have my certificate. Thank you very much for your time and devotion. I really do respect what you are doing in Saylor Academy


Congratulations on earning those certificates!!

If you are a LinkedIn user don’t forget you can add them to your LinkedIn profile:

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Is the certificate given at the end of each course??.

Hello! Yes, you can earn a certificate at the end of each course after you successfully complete the final exam.
See below for more information:

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