Work Sample


I wanted to upload my work sample to share with my peers but the file type is unique pdf .Why not Doc or even two types of files?


I think that limiting filetype to pdf was originally a security decision – reducing the likelihood of malicious scripts – not that a pdf is entirely secure, either, and we allow one to link to a site that could, clearly, be malicious, so perhaps what I think is not what is so!

The eportfolio, slowly, is becoming obsolete and will be replaced before too long.

Do you happen to use services like Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive? You can upload and have public links to most kinds of files. We really have not made a decision on what happens post-eportfolio to present oneself as a learner, but likely possibilities include using these forums, using our course platform (which will take over a number of current eportfolio functions), or encouraging students to use other free services liked LinkedIn, Degreed, etc.