Would you rather be fluent in all languages or be able to communicate with animals? Why? Post your response in the class discussion forum

We are human beings who are different from each other with respect to different parameters, out of which language is one. I want to learn all the languages because I want to talk to every person of every kind; to those who I can not know because of this means of communication creating barriers among us. Covering one species completely is an initial step, and talking to animals is the next one. I, being belonging to this species would like to learn and understand all the languages so I can get to know my species entirely.

Thousands of language speaking in world and we knew one,two or three.This is very difficult to know other than your mother language .But in india MD Ali is the famous bird expert and he has spend his whole life for conservation of bird.He was speaking with different type bird and fully understand what it said. If you live with nature it is not possible you do not understand nature.its very simple example is tribes of Andaman nicobar Island. When was tsunami came in india many people died in Andaman but not a single tribes and animal of forest of Andaman died,because they had shifted their selves to peaks of mountain before tsunami.

I would like to learn every language I hear, so I can communicate and exchange with other people, because I think that other cultures are very important to learn about.

i would rather be fluent in all languages because i’am a humain and i need laguages to communicate with other people who haven’t the same language as me , so languages make me able to discover other population with diffrents cultures in differents places in this world ,and that developp me as a person