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Would you rather be fluent in all languages or be able to communicate with animals? Why?

i would like to be fluent in all languages , it help me dealing wiyh many people .

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Well, I would rather be able to communicate with the animals as it is quite difficult for some of them to identify human emotions. Most of them, in order to protect themselves may become aggressive, so I would really like to be able to talk to them and avoid violence and bittes and such. It would also be very convenient to speak and persuade to the mosquito into the room, to leave you to sleep, no?

As for the humans I believe that body language and emotions are, most of the times, enough to communicate for simple everyday things or spent time with joy. In more complicated themes in life, if a person doesn’t want to understand, the language is the least you need to develop.

Communication is a great thing be it with people or animals.I 'd rather communicate with both animals and people. It’s a very insightful and an exciting experience especially with animals. They have their own codes and sounds.

I would rather be fluent in all languages rather than communicating with animals. Because we are humans and we need to communicate with our fellow human beings for us to understand each other especially, those who live in other countries and speak foreign languages. Also, it’s an advantage for a person to explore job possibilities in other countries when he or she is fluent in their language. Though it’s already a bonus if one can communicate with animals still, people are the best person to communicate with.

I honestly believe there’s a reason God gave us different tongues and languages and the ability to learn them. To be able to speak someone else’s language, I believe isn’t just to flaunt or translate it to others but to understand their perspective of the world and appreciate it better. If only we could all ‘understand’ each other, most of today’s world woes would have been dealt with.

I would be fluent in all languages because it will help to communicate with people all around the world which will help me in socializing and making new friends. By this i can help people and can easily convey my message.