Writing an eassy i don't know how to



help me with mine eassy


What is it that you are having trouble with? Do you not know how to start? How far in the course are you?


There are many web-pages in the internet that can help with essays, but you have to make more accurate request. Maybe, this info about compare-and-contrast essay will help you? You may also search some kind of other web-pages to help you, or browse the one I have suggested - it probably will have some info you require.


It is not a tough task but you have to work on essay basics. First, research resources related to the requested essay. Take a decision on topics about how to start with headings and subheadings. Focus on writing style and format of content. Your content should be easy for readers that prove the motive of writing. Also, search online writing resources, When you are not comfortable in writing.


Here is the approach I use:

Essay Approach

Find references to the prescribed readings relating to the essay question. Mark book list page numbers by reading assignment.
Type references into a word processor. (I use Googledocs)
Organize references by topic or theme.
Create a thesis statement about the references and topics that you intend to “prove”
Create an intro to each reference.
Summarize what each reference means to you.
When possible create a lead into the next paragraph and how it relates. (how this paragraph is related to the next paragraph)
The ending summary paragraph should focus on what you learned and how it impacted you. Tying everything together.
Biggest tip of all. Get a journal and write your goals, fears, and plans daily. This habit will develops your writing ability and make you more efficient. Find time to journal away from all distractions to journal especially the TV, computers and cell phones.


this is off topic but how do i submit an assignment