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Hi guys. I would love if you can leave some feedback concerning my outline below.

Using the prewriting and writing techniques you have just reviewed, develop an outline for Essay I, based on the Unit’s topic: “What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?”

What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?

  1. One must have the necessary tools needed to take the class.

    (a.) If you are taking an online course

          you would need to be a computer 
          an Internet.

    (b.) A person would most likely not

          pass the course due to lack of 
  2. One must be willing to spend time on the course.

     (a.) If you are always busy you won't 
             have time for assignments.
     (b.) Time means that you care.
  3. Must be able to commit.

    (a.) Stick with course even when it 
           gets hard. If you don't complete 
          it, you most definitely won't 
          Succeed in it .
  4. You have to want to succeed.

     (a.) Spending time and doing
             nothing won't help. You 
             have to want to pass.


I think you should stick also on how the one who learn online can get things done everyday and how he/she can overcome challenge, for example listening or writing skills may be problem, how can it be solved.


Develop an outline for Essay I, based on the Unit’s topic: “What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?”

There are several issues that any student needs to consider in their interior when taking an internet-based college course.
I. Learner autonomy is a characteristic that college students need to develop and even more if they are to pursue a course that is in the college cloud.
a. Students who enjoy learning on their own are usually self-motivated people who set goals and objectives for themselves.
b. To be autonomous learners also need to be able to think critically.
c. Independent learners have an astonishing capability to read and visualize, to kinesthetically instruct themselves.
II. Learners need to know that computer-based training present differences with the traditional classroom-based instruction.
a. Resistance to change may proven a huge hurdle to conquer when trying to make the switch to online instruction.
b. The time students devote to activities in a web-based instruction course might be considerably more consuming than in a regular classroom course.
c. Yet, the difference that stands out between the two forms of schooling is the flexibility of completing the course at the time expense of the learner.
III. It has been proven that, although online instruction is full of positive points, there also are problems that need to be thought of.
a. There is the issue of adaptability to the new form of receiving the education.
b. One of the main problems might be, even though most students are tech savvy, computer literacy.
c. Finally, online learners need to have a clear strategy to manage their time to complete the intensive work this type of education requires.


I wanted to share my outline for essay 1. I prefer to lay out my outlines for each paragraph. I find that this makes it easier for me to pull together the finished product later and points out any gaps in supporting details that I may have. In my introductory paragraph I usually go ahead and list each main point that I will be covering in the essay that follows. I hope that everyone finds my outline helpful to creating their own process for essay writing.

Paragraph 1: Introductory paragraph

What does it take to succeed in an Internet based college course?

Organization, time management, independent study skills

Paragraph 2:

Organization: It’s important to be able to organize your notes and worksheets that you print out. A folder for each class would make a big difference to make sure that items don’t get lost. An Internet student could still use a backpack to keep their folders, supplemental textbooks, calculators, etc. together even though they aren’t physically going to class.

Paragraph 3:

Time management is crucial to an Internet student who may be balancing the demands of a full time job, family responsibilities, with courses. Setting aside a regular time to study every week, clearing your schedule of extra activities to allow for study time, and minimizing distractions are all strategies to maximize the best use of your time as a student

Paragraph 4:

Independent study skills are even more important for an Internet student than for a typical classroom student. Investigate additional support resources in case you need extra help such as Khan Academy. You could also order a textbook to support a course that you think you may have additional difficulty with.

Paragraph 5:

An Internet based college course takes self motivation, self discipline, and good time management. Keeping yourself organized, concentrating on using good study skills, and managing your time properly can help you succeed!


Everything is no bad, just like the user has mentioned above, you need to state that learning online can never be an obstacle to your daily matters, that it will only bring benefits for online learners like saving time. Give some infomative tips for those who find studying online problematic. Ask for help this term paper writer, writer will help you with good outline.


Good points, but you should try to use some more technical terms like determination, self - motivation, good planning and time management and possession of basic computer and technology skills


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The topic “Internet-based college course” has covered all outlines which are necessary for writing an essay. Read relevant sources to know more about this topic. It will make your essay more perfect. Thank you.



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