Writing to an Audience

In this practice exercise, write two brief essays (of around 250 words each) that explain why you want to achieve your dream job: first to a potential employer, and second to a five-year-old.

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Felicia Mitchell*


Dear Mr. R. Jones

I would like to express my interest in the Health Information Specialist posting with Indeed.com and the opportunity to express my interest in the position. When reviewing the job description, I was thrilled to discover how well my experience and knowledge aligns with your needs and requirements. I feel that your company’s core mission and culture are what I have to offer as a professional.

As an experienced Medical Records Specialist, I have a well rounded background in information gathering and refined talent in record delivery and HIPPA compliance, which makes me an ideal fit for the Health Information Specialist position. Additionally, I am a proven expert in customer service and making good decisions.

As you review my resume, you may notice a brief gap in my work experience. I am currently enrolled in Consumes River College studying Health Information Management which has kept my knowledge up to date in the health care industry.

I am thrilled at the prospect of bringing my talents to your company. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss my experience, knowledge and personality fit as a Medical Records Clerk.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Felicia Mitchell


This looks like a vary nice essay! Good job. I really hope I can’t get as good as that one day.


Hey Nickie, how was your day at school? I had a good day today because I spoke with a guy today about working for him at a medical office in charge of sick people (patients) medical files. Remember, that’s why I was going to school to be a Health Information Specialist cause I like working with files and making sure that papers and reports are put in the right persons file. You know when we go to your doctor’s office she comes in the room holding a file in her hand: well that is what I will make sure has all your medical information and everything right about you. Do you understand?

This job also pays more money so we can go to Disney World in Florida this summer, isn’t that great, yeah!!

Love you


would like to start by introducing myself to you. My name is Denise, and I am very happy to be here. My dream job is to be a child psychologist. I want to open up a three store office building and I would like to put every kind of sensory that there is. It is very important to me because I have a son with autism and remember all the dead ends we came to when it came to care for children with special needs. I have seen sensory places but it will mot be right child.


My dream job for the future was inspired by many successful people. My dream for the future is to become a person of success, in whatever I make and in the field that I am in. Dreams are a step to success. Every human who lives is no exception to me, surely having dreamed and had a dream. Whether it’s dreaming while sleeping or dreaming of his future becoming someone who is successful in the future. Own your own home with your own efforts and other dreams.

My dream for the future is to have the job I dream of. Why do people have to have dreams? Because dreams can do many things for us, such as:

  1. Dreams give us direction

  2. Dreams grow our potential

  3. Dreams help us to sort out in the direction to go

  4. Dreams make all our work more valuable

  5. Dreams determine the future.

Oliver Wendend Holmes said " the most important thing in this world is not where we are , but where we will move " and for many people who are afraid to move into the future there is a saying that " no matter how past someone is , his future is clean without stains " . So what are you afraid of? Make your own future !. Raise your right hand and place it on your chest, say 3x “I am responsible for my dreams”.

My dream job is to break out of my daily routine, this is my future dream . When something you love becomes a job, it will fundamentally change the way you work. But what if you haven’t found the job of your dreams. Although I often take work as a temporary solution, and knowing that it is not my dream job does not mean that my dream for the future does not exist.

" My dream job for the future ". Many of us spend more time working than doing other things. So should we always have to work or do what we like? For some people who strongly agree with the idea ’ work is just work ', there is no incentive to think that it is something we like to do. If you find a job that you like, you will be excited and have the energy to grow. Do work with enthusiasm that will give the company what you want from you. Come, see how to find a job that you like.

  1. Find your true self

The more you understand who you are, the easier it will be for you to determine the career you will choose. As you struggle to determine your type of work, you will go through several personality tests to make decisions. You will not consider your previous career experience. A variety of tests, however, will illustrate the results that will open your eyes and really help you determine the type of work you like.

  1. Find what makes you excited

What makes you excited, combined with what stands out from your character will adjust to your personality and have a big effect. This will take some time, but it just pays off when you find it.

  1. Choose work to follow the focus and priorities of your life

One reason for the dissatisfaction of millions of employees in their lives is because they chose jobs and tried to match their lifestyle. Work not because of passion, just follow what is trending. Therefore, think about the focus and priorities of your life, then choose the type of work that suits you.

  1. Encourage yourself

If you are already working on the type of work that you do not like then you feel frustrated and not developing, it’s time to do self-introspection. Even when your job title is satisfactory and the work environment is pleasant, it doesn’t mean you need to find another job. It’s time to ‘cheer yourself up’ and plan a career to improve.

  1. Get help

It will be very helpful to find an assistant or a job consultant who will help you to achieve a good career path. An objective view of other people not the closest person will make the right breakthrough to support your career.

  1. Build your ’ gang ’

By creating a gang that contains coworkers, will encourage and inspire you to work. Surely you have coworkers who can be invited to discussion, sharing or just a way out to eliminate fatigue. This will have a profound effect on how you work and live, also supports you to love your work. With love at work, life will feel more beautiful.

When writing the article " my dream job for the future ", I just realized my dream job. My dream job for the future is to become a successful entrepreneur, not an employee like this. I like to do things my own way. This is my dream that has not been achieved. What about you? What are your dreams that have not been achieved? Hopefully some of the tips that I share can be used to find a job that you love to get a dream for the future. Every person has 24 hours a day and success is determined by how well you use your time. Hopefully you and I can achieve our future dreams.

If I have to explain the dream job to 5 children, then I will explain how “the concept of dreaming and reaching dreams”

  1. Let your child choose their own goals and ideals. By choosing himself, he certainly has a reason to make it happen.

  2. Ask what made him choose the goals or ideals, what the benefits will be, how they will impact life, and whether they can be a way to help many people.

  3. Make a illustration or representation of what steps they must take to get to the goal or goal.

  4. Discuss also the obstacles that might arise when your child pursues that goal or goal.

  5. When your child starts to have goals and starts trying to achieve them, we must give him an appreciation.


Write a brief essay (about 250 words) to explain why you want your dream job to a potential employer.

Making your dream job into reality is an unlocked achievement you would want to cherish for the rest of your life. It is a personal development which will help you pursue more as a professional. To become an effective and efficient teacher in the English subject is what I always wanted to become. It is for the reason that I would like to share with the best of my knowledge, the skills and competency my future students must possess in order to reach their goals and be successful in the future. Being in the field of education, I would like to practice what I have learned by teaching students in a secondary school while I continuously study for professional growth and development. Although some would say that teaching is a stressful job and you cannot be rich in the academic sector, I still wanted to pursue it because being a teacher is not just considered as a noble job, but also, a calling. In addition, I believe that I was called in the teaching profession because it is where I will find myself happy especially to see my students pursue studying for I inspire them to not limit themselves and go beyond to see their potential. No amount of money will ever fulfill the smiles and achievements that your students achieve and I think that it is beautiful. So I fervently pray and ask the guidance of God as well as my colleagues and superiors in able to attain what I wanted to become. I know that I still have a long way to go but I am positive that I will accomplish everything.

Write a second brief essay (about 250 words) to explain why you want your dream job to a five-year-old child.

Hi Kent!
When you grow up, you should consider imagining yourself what you want to become in the future. You may ask yourself, “Am I going to be Superman? Wonderwoman? Or the like?.” Why? Because achieving your dreams is never that easy. You will take a lot of steps like when you play with your lego, to build a house, there are steps to follow. There will be no instant house that was not built by trial and error. It is like building your dreams to what you wanted to be in life. To share it with you, I would like to become a teacher someday. It is because I wanted to teach kids older or like you. I would like to become an instrument to kids studying in schools to achieve their aspirations in life. It will make me happy and satisfied. It will be a fulfillment for me to see you grow happy, studying and gradually stepping up to reach your goals. Teachers can be your friend too. They can also be your second mother or second father. I am sure that devoted teachers will be loved by kids like you.

See you around!

Lots of love,


Write a brief essay (about 250 words) to explain why you want your dream job to a potential employer.

My future constituents,

As a native Californian with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a J.D. in law from UCLA, I will use my fifteen years of experience practicing criminal law to make the lives of Californians better than they have been in decades. My experience as a resident in other states will also be helpful as I implement what has worked for citizens there.

We have the highest homeless population in the nation and the highest cost of living after Hawaii and the District of Columbia. People are fleeing from California for other states, and businesses are taking their jobs elsewhere. Crime is through the roof, and we have been ranked as the least educated state in the country.

As governor of California, I pledge to pull back zoning regulations to open up opportunities for more affordable housing. On day one, I will sign into state law the right for parents to choose their child’s educational path, regardless of what zip code they happen to live in. I will scale back regulations for businesses, and introduce tax breaks for those willing to hire inexperienced employees for positions that pay at least two and a half times the average base rent in the city they operate in.

Vote Wilson to win!


My Dream Job:
For a person like me who have been a stay-at-home parent for over a decade. I dream to be a productive person one-day that I could earn money and help to contribute in our finances. I discover that I’ll really love talking and I enjoy communicating to different people around me. To my children, friends and community as well. I study to improve myself to gain new skill .I discover that English and good communication can give a way to also help others how to be confident and it also a skill to be learned because English is a Second Language that used all over the world. This can keep a good conversation , also let us connect to different nationality to understand their culture and differences. Preparing yourself to your passion, by keep on learning things,making yourself a better version .Open for a new possibilities that distance ,nationality , time and age aren’t hindrance to connect to other people that also ineed of your service. Specially those who wants to learn English as their second language. As long as your committed,passionate and resourceful you can help them build their confidence and have the skill like how your learned the Language.This will be my first job as E.S.L. teacher I hope you can give me chance to show what can I offer that could also help others who struggling the language .
To a five- year-old kid:
Hi, you can call me May. I know that you have a big dream .and a great opportunities ahead of you waiting and excited for you to open and to discover!There are lot of things that you can do in this big world and make it your classroom to experience what can a life offer to child like you! You can be dream what tever you want! You can be a teacher? You can be doctor? You can be scientist if you want it’s your choice !.. You pick what role you wanna be and tell me what you enjoy the most.! Learning is fun and you don’t need to boxed yourself to limited space.Are you excited to go and imagine the things that you can do? Don’t be scared to learned new things. They are waiting for you to discover them and play with them.Kids like you should be enjoying the things ,people ,animals places that surrounds you…A dream of child will be also a dream of everychild in this bigworld!.This is your classroom that can be fill with hopeful hearts that dreaming one-day of becoming somebody that can help other to kids to also take their small steps to a bigger one! Don’t stop dreaming of what you want to be .Give other children and inspire them that they also build a dream like you…You should be brave to achieve your dream because there are people who will help you and guide you towards the life that you want to have. A child should be a good listener ,obedient and a good follower for them to achieve the goal they want in life.A good child like you can overcome the great things that coming for you ,to enjoy the experience of learning and always have fun !go for your dreams always!


Firstly, I want become a Software Engineer because i love so much activities, occupations, creations apps, software, applications and different categories about this job.
It (software engineer) is composing JavaScript, C and Python; that’s to learn step by step if you have winning and patience.


Respected Sir

I wish to draw your kind attention to bring this to your notice that i am a promising candidate who fits into the frame for which you are looking for a would be employee for your esteemed organization. I am confident enough to make it because I have credentials to support my confidence. I have a work experience of more than fifteen years, both in educational institutions in the field of academics as well as research. I have presented and participated nationally and internationally. I have been invited by various renowned colleges and universities for expert lectures, as an examiner, as a jury member and also to session the chair for seminars and conferences.
I assure you that I am pretty good in health and quite energetic to work diligently for eight hours. I am good at effective communication skills, Literature and research oriented courses. I am computer savvy as I have done PGDCA along with hand on practice in a private computer center. I assure you that by choosing me as your employee you will certainly not commit an error rather I will make you proud of your selection.
I hope for a positive and favourable reply from your side. You can get to know me better during the interview session. I am attaching hererwith the xerox copies of my testimonials, credentials and cv along with this document for your kind perusal.


Essay 1 : to a potential employer

Hello Mr Commercial Manager,

I am qualified and experienced sales manager, who are looking for an opportunity to implement the knowledge, experience and talent in the company with a corporate values. Ive been following your company for a long time and now Ive found out that the position “sales manager” is opened.

After I went through the description and requirement, I`m excited to admit that I meet the most items which you stressed out in the job add, for example:

  • I have successful experience in sales of 6.5 years;
  • I ran offline and online meetings within the groups from 3 to 15 of members;
  • Negotiated and presented the product for the top management of the clients;
  • I`m experienced in the digital marketing;
  • I have such job related skills as data-friendly brain, clear voice and good speech skills, strong attention in details and ability to see the big picture, leadership.

I believe I can use my experience and skills to build strong and productive relationships with your existing clients and to bring the new ones.

Please go through my CV to find more about my experience and achievements, also you can get to know me better during the interview session.

Thank you for your time and looking forward your feedback.

Essay 2 : to a 5-year-old

Hi little cute! Today in the evening we can play a game “who you want to become” J . I know you want to become a train driver. Also you want to have a private train with a lot of cars. Wow it would be great! You could take me at my job every morning. You know, I also have a dream :wink: I will tell you now, look - “ I have a lot of friends in the different building and factories around the city. Time to time I call them and they give me some puzzles ;). Several days me and my closes friends trying to guess the write answers and when we done, I draw some pictures and put them all in some album in my laptop. Then we go back to my friends around the city to show my answers and to win a prize! Of course I will share my prize with you, baby.

Hug you! See you in the evening!


To my 5 years old nephew

Ever wished to be a superhero? what if I told you, there is a way to create your own superheroes and make them real? i’ve been a child who like superheroes just like you, I’ve admiring their struggles for justice, i’ve understood the eternal fight between good and evil, and that the good always win no matter how strong evil is. When I grew up, I wanted to be part of this field, where we can produce and make superheroes movies, by designing their costumes, writing the plots, inventing super powers and so on … A movie producer is my dream job, it is a job where you can be a child for your whole life, and this is what I want to be.

You may tell me that you won’t be a child forever, I know, you want to be a grown up, you want to sleep late and wake up the morning whenever you wish, you want to get outside, ride your bike and go wherever you want , buy the things you want, and be the independent person you thought you wanted to be. It is true that grown ups can do so, but there is something in life called “responsabilty” , it’s that feeling when you have to something against your will just to avoid problems and survive normally, you need to pay the bills, take care of people you love by providing them life supplies, that’s why we need to work, and then, this profession when you can make movies can accomplish both your childhood passion and your life responsibilities. As Spiderman’s uncle Ben said “with great power comes great responsabilities” and there is not a better way to enjoy life than making your responsabilities as your power.


My dream job would be leading a team that’s creating cutting-edge technologies that are used by millions. I read on your job description that this Supervisor role has a chance to grow into a Manager in the next 1-2 years, and it seems like the apps your company is building are having a big impact on the business world already, so I knew I should apply!”


To whom it may concern,
My name is Antionette and I am expressing my interests of a Foster Care Councilor. Growing up in the system made me realize a lot of downfalls. I truly want to help the children. I want to be able to do something about the dysfunctional system. Yes, there are many positives. But we need more social workers, foster parents and councilors, who truly care about the kids and not just the money. You hear all these bad stories about foster families, and not much being done about it. Those kids don’t have many people to talk to and I want to provide that. For the parents I want to be able to reconnect them with their children. For some cases, that is unable to happen, and those specific children may be able to be adopted. I want to help every family involved in the child’s life, to help better that child’s life.

Dear Children,
What do you want to be when you grow up? I bet a lot of people ask you that question. There a whole lot of options. Do you want to arrest the bad guys? Set out all the fires and save the kitties from trees? Save all the sick and hurt people? Do you want to write a book? Sing a song to the world? What ever you want to be, you can be! When I was around 5 years old, I wanted to be a school teacher. Well that changed around age 9. I then wanted to become a cop. Now that I am all grown up and it’s time for college, I want to be a foster care councilor. I am going to purse it because I am going to achieve my dream! And I encourage you to do the same.


I want to achieve my dream of own businesses. I want to be successful businessman in change my life and others. I want to open up a restaurant in my hometown that has buffet of different types and kinds of food. I feel like your place of business has taught be a lot to stay my ground. Be Bold and to know that customer is always right.

To any five year old reader or listener. You may ask self what is dream job? What do want to be when grow up? TO achieve your dream is never easy. Always keep dreams open. Follow what in your heart. Never let anyone tell you that dream could never be possible there always a possibilities. Dreams may change but always from the dream that mean for you. Don’t follow someone else dream or the dream they want for you. Anything is possible. Set goals to achieve your dream like mine is to open up a restaurant.


Why I Want to Achieve My Dream Job: to a potential employer

My objective is to find a dream job that offers, at least three things: a time to spend with my family, a favorable working environment, and a job in which I can advance my knowledge and experience without limitations. A few years back, when I graduated from college, I got a field job that required working twenty-one days on and seven days off. The job paid me well: I was making five-hundred-and-fifty dollars a day. Money wise, the job was more than any job a new graduate can ask for. I was able to afford better life; however, not everything about my field job was balanced. I worked twelve hours–nights for twenty-one days none-stop. I only slept in the daytime to recharge myself for the next working day. At the time, I was married and had three young kids and one more was expected. But with no better job alternative, I had to work away from my family for twenty-one days. Among other shortcomings my job embodied, was long hours of driving on the icy roads in the winter. From this perspective, I conclude that today in various Working Force scenarios, many people find themselves doing jobs they do not like for many reasons, just like the example given above. At least, a job that one needs should meet basics, but important aspects of one’s life, to be called a dream job one needs. Without better pay, a job will not address one needs. Equally, a job will not fulfill one’s aspiration if working environs is not conducive or if the job that one does cannot permit one to build his or her skills and knowledge or gives one free time to enjoy life. Hence, to be happy in life, my dream job would be the one that gives me time to spend with my family, a job where I get along with my coworkers, and a job in which I can freely utilize my knowledge and experience without limitations.


Why I Want to Achieve My Dream Job: to a five-year-old
Imagine your Daddy or Mommy working away from home for days or weeks. Or imagine your mommy or Daddy missing your birthday party because he or she must work that day. Or let me say, imagine your parents, during your birthday party, cannot afford buying you a gift or a nice birthday cake because they cannot afford it, even though they are both working full-time. For many reasons related to working demands, parents are forced to work instead of spending good times with their children. So, many parents cannot afford better life for their kids because they pick up underpaid jobs just to be with their kids. It would be good if employers, in their job requirements, consider that employees have lives to live outside their work. That is, a potential employer should understand that employees need time to spend with their family or understand that employee try hard to balance their work demands with their daily lives and needs. To avoid working conditions that will affect my life and the lives of my children, my objective is to find job that would give me time to be with my family, a job that I can get along with my boss and coworkers , and a job that allows me to grow with the company in upgrading my skills and knowledge and earn better salary with time to afford better life for me and my children.


For a potential employer:
My name is Maaroufi Ayoub. I have 31 years old. I did my medical studies in Rabat in order to be a doctor.
A doctor helps others, he treats illness, he provides health care for peoples who are suffering from different diseases, and then he makes them less painful so he changes their pain to happiness.
Helping suffering people is an honorable thing that can make you proud and satisfied of yourself.
My dream job was to be a doctor and from my earlier age I was fascinated by this vocation.
I always felt that medicine is a noble job, which allowed you to be a hero of yourself first by sacrificing your time and your energy; and then you can be a real hero for others people that you help at anytime and anywhere without discrimination of sex, race or religion.
By choosing the career of a doctor, we also guarantee a respectful job which in society; it allows me to practice a profession which respond on my financial demands to build a family and not been in need because it is a well paid sector.
This profession allows me to evaluate in my career by learning continuously, by practicing and participating in different formation. Is is a real opportunity to meet different people, to have social relations and being open minded.
To conclude, I am so excited and happy to be a doctor. I think that is more than a profession, it is a way of life and an honorable way to make a living.


For a 5 years old:
Hello, I wish you are fine.
My name is Maaroufi Ayoub. I have 31 years old. I did my medical studies in Rabat in order to be a doctor.
A doctor helps others, he treats peoples who are suffering from different diseases to make them less painful and then changing their pain to happiness.
Imagine when you fix a broken bone or you stop an hemorrhage, by this way you can save a life, it is a wonderful thing.
Helping suffering people is a responsible thing that can make you proud and satisfied.
My dream job was to be a doctor, from my earlier age I was fascinated by a doctor’s job. My parents encourage me to choose medicinal studies and I want to make them proud of me by being successful.
I always felt that medicine is a noble job, which allowed me to be a hero of yourself first by sacrificing your time and your energy; and then I can be a real hero for others people who I helped at anytime and anywhere.
By choosing the career of a doctor, I also guarantee a respectful job in society which bring enough money to travel, by cars, and anything we need.
This profession allows me to meet different people, from different regions and so I can have many friends to share my life with.
To conclude, I am so excited and happy to be a doctor. I think that is more than a profession, it is an honorable way to make a living.